Getting Started with ODFL Services


ODFL API’s are private services available to registered users on the developer’s portal.  The first step to connecting with ODFL’s services is to sign up or register for a user account.  Registered users will have to be approved before officially utilizing the services.  Registered user accounts will be reviewed within 24 hours. The determination to grant approval or not will be made.  Please click Registration on the left navigation menu to review the steps.

Application Creation

The second step to successfully run services is to create an application or applications.  An application allows an API Key to be assigned for use when making calls to the service.  The API Key is part of the authentication that will be needed to successfully receive a response from the services.  Please see Add Application on the left navigation menu.


After successful log in, the Dashboard page appears by default. The Dashboard is the primary page for Developers. The navigation sidebar displays links related to your Organization, Applications, Analytics and Profile. Individual users can personalize the Dashboard widgets. You can quickly return to the Dashboard at any time by clicking the Dashboard link below the Welcome message at the top of the browser.